Parents in the Workplace: Help Co-Create a New Tool for Employers

Parents in the Workplace: Father working from home hugging daughter

Employers rely on parents for a thriving workforce. Over 70% of all mothers with children under 18 in the US[i] and UK[ii] work. That number rises to over 90% of all fathers. Today’s workforce is made up of more people with dependent children than those without them. But most employers don’t do enough to support them—and mothers […]

How Can the Private Sector Tackle Inequality and Generate Shared Prosperity for All? 

Blurred Crowd in the street representing Inequality

Listen to this article (audio generated using AI assistance): The high level and structural nature of inequality in our world is a systemic risk that poses an existential threat to our society and economy. It is eroding trust in our political and economic systems, constraining growth, contributing to polarization and unrest, and undermining our ability […]

Action on Climate Resilience is Business Critical

Business Action on Climate Resilience

As the impacts of climate change bite, business efforts to reduce emissions must now be matched by action to strengthen climate resilience. Here I set out four action areas where companies can better protect themselves and others, while seizing opportunities to market resilience-enhancing products. Many businesses are acting on climate change: setting net-zero or science-based […]

Addressing Vaccination Inequity Among Marginalised Groups in Europe

Vaccine equity. Vaccination of patient.

Listen to this article (audio generated using AI assistance): This year’s Immunisation Week, the annual campaign to expand vaccination globally, is rightly focussed on, “The Big Catch Up,” – getting countries back on track with routine vaccinations after pandemic-related disruptions. According to the CDC, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles, polio, and diphtheria are rising […]

Using Inclusive Market Research to Advance Business and Development Outcomes

Honduras TMS woman in field farming

Collaboration between donors, development practitioners, and the private sector holds tremendous potential to enact positive social change. The private sector plays a vital role in driving economic growth, job creation, access to financial resources, and inclusive product design, all of which are essential components of promoting social inclusion and advancing women’s economic security. Recent research […]