Fields of Change: Making Cotton Work Better for Women

Beautiful dressed women working on the cotton fields of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Women Empowerment in cotton production

Whether it is used to make classic blue jeans and a tight white T-shirt, or a high thread-count bedsheet and reusable nappies, cotton comes with a production story. This story starts not in a factory, but in cotton fields and their surrounding communities. At present, it is one in which there are still very few […]

Financial Empowerment for Young Entrepreneurs: A Strategic Imperative

Young entrepreneurs supported by YBI members through Futuremakers, funded by Standard Chartered Foundation

Entrepreneurship can be a transformative option for young people to gain economic independence, shape economies and drive businesses for good. Young entrepreneurs are critical to future economic development and key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. But while young entrepreneurs rarely lack ambition, they often lack resources. Insufficient access to finance remains a consistent barrier […]

Prioritising Digital Wage Payments for Women is Good Business for Businesses

Digital Wage Payments Rural women using phone in village

When was the last time you received your wage in cash? Have you ever received a pile of bills and coins, taken public transportation, and wondered where in your house to hide them to keep them safe? There is a chance you have never experienced this. But in many countries, this is an everyday reality. […]

How Sustainable Agriculture Contributes to Achieving Zero Hunger

Sunflower farmer in Tanzania. Sustainable Agriculture and Zero Hunger

The second of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – SDG2: Zero Hunger – aims to create a world free of hunger by 2030. However, according to the UN, a combination of factors including the pandemic, conflict, climate change, and deepening inequalities, mean that hunger and food insecurity have been rising since 2015, and the world is […]

Supporting the Economic Empowerment of Women in Coffee

Economic Empowerment of Women in Coffee

To Support the Economic Empowerment of Women in Coffee, We Must Make Their Work Visible. “We didn’t understand that we could do it, that we [as women] could go out into our communities and be ourselves,” says Nay Aponte, a coffee grower in Peru’s Monzón Valley. She worked hard on the family coffee farm, but […]

How Can Businesses Tackle the Digital Divide to Drive Social Mobility?

digital divide social mobility - Multiracial people group and urban friends using mobile phone

Limited internet users are five times more likely than extensive users to be from a low-income household, according to 2023 data from Good Things Foundation. However, having the means to engage effectively online is key in improving education and employment opportunities for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Social mobility in the UK, which refers to […]

3 Proven Strategies that Create Impact for Women Entrepreneurs 

Impact for Women Entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs represent a trillion-dollar economic growth opportunity with benefits that ripple through households and communities – this should be enough to inspire action, but sadly it’s not. And despite the proliferation of gender equality strategies, gender-focused financial inclusion policies, entrepreneurship support programs, and extensive evidence that women are worth investing in, we’re still only […]

FemTech and the Gender Health Gap

FemTech and Health

Healthcare serves women less well than men. Women live more of their life in poor health than men and they are also more likely to report a negative experience of accessing healthcare. FemTech and the Gender Health Gap FemTech also aptly illustrates the way in which healthcare more broadly will evolve, as health, tech and […]