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The ‘Women Respond’ survey by CARE underscores the vital importance of continuously listening to and collaborating with women in crisis situations. Highlighting the resilience and proactive measures women take despite increasing challenges. By actively involving women in decision-making and solution development, CARE’s initiative showcases a successful model for sustainable impact and advocacy, urging the global community to prioritize women’s voices in crisis response and development strategies.
Explore crucial insights in the Annual ESG Preparedness Report, highlighting leadership’s role in integrating Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) into business. This report emphasises women’s impact on sustainability governance and calls for actionable leadership strategies in a world increasingly aware of its ecological footprint.
African fintechs are recognizing that embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles not only enhances their investment appeal but also drives sustainable business growth. This article uncovers how fintechs are embracing responsibility for sustainable advancement.
The Decision Makers’ toolkit, ‘Beyond Strategic Planning’, is designed to help businesses prepare better for the future. The toolkit was developed by California 100 and the British-based futures practice, SOIF. It includes evidence of successful foresight applications and tools and approaches that connect foresight to strategic action.
Delving into the Training of Trainers (ToT) model, this article evaluates its effectiveness and best practices. Drawing from Primark’s Ethical Trade Team’s experience and research, it offers insights into optimising ToT for large-scale knowledge dissemination and behaviour change.
Enlightened businesses recognise their opportunity to lobby governments to tackle inequalities, as well as behaving responsibly. But few seem willing to speak out about socio-economic inequalities. Read on for nine reasons why businesses should speak out about the need for a fairer Britain

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Discover how fostering leadership skills in communities can drive sustainable change and effectively combat poverty around the world

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