Measuring Social Impact

Measuring Social Impact

Having the means to engage effectively online is key in improving education and employment opportunities for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, but is becoming increasingly difficult amid the cost-of-living crisis. Here, Guy Miller, CEO of full fibre network operator MS3 Networks, explores the digital divide’s negative impact on social mobility, and how businesses can tackle it.
CARE USA’s Rathi Mani-Kandt shares insights on supporting women entrepreneurs and the privilege of collaborating with local partners to foster substantial systemic change for women.
ISEAL’s guidance, developed with the CGIAR Initiative, highlights the importance of integrating gender equality into sustainability standards. It outlines practices for enhancing women’s empowerment and representation in supply chains, advocating for holistic, organization-wide strategies to address gender inequalities and promote sustainable development.

What do we mean by "Measuring Social Impact"?

Explore how measuring social impact can enhance poverty alleviation strategies, providing insights and metrics to guide effective interventions.

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