An Agenda to Address Inequality in Sustainable Finance Decision-Making

The Private Sector and Inequality The private sector can contribute to inequalities in terms of influencing the distribution of risk and return between stakeholders. Workers assume significant risk and likewise contribute to value creation. However, their “social” or “human capital” is often undervalued and therefore rewarded much less than financial capital. Investors can also contribute […]

Why Doesn’t the Private Sector Talk More About Socio-Economic Inequality?

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The private sector has a responsibility – and, in the long term, arguably a commercial imperative – to tackle inequalities through the levers that it can pull directly: improving pay and working conditions, tackling inequalities in recruitment and promotion, encouraging workers to unionise, ensuring that their products and services are produced and priced fairly, and […]

The Paradox of ESG

Can for-profit businesses really aid in preserving the environment? The practice of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment has long been plagued by the question. You could have assumed the answer was Yes based on the euphoric increase in everything ESG. According to estimates, a sustainability lens is now being used to oversee more than […]

Three Actions for Business in the Face of the Global Polycrisis

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If you’re struggling to wrap your head around the multiple crises facing the world right now, the phrase “global polycrisis” may help you get a sense of just how truly awful things are. The term reared its head at the just-completed World Bank Annual Meetings, and is forebodingly described by the Cascade Institute as happening […]

The sobering reality of the UN’s Global Goals

The sobering reality of the UN’s Global Goals Remember the Sustainable Development Goals? It’s not a facetious question. Amid all the other corporate sustainability priorities of the past few years — net zero, ESG, the circular economy, social justice, resource constraints and all the rest — not to mention a seemingly never-ending drumbeat of political upheaval, […]

‘Inequality kills’ but only 1% of companies show social responsibility

Millions are dead from COVID-19 whilst hundreds of millions have been thrown back into poverty. 99% have seen their incomes fall in the pandemic, while the 10 richest men doubled their wealth. As stock markets hit historic highs, what are the chances that companies can help address the problem of growing inequality? According to the […]