Climate Action

Climate Action to Alleviate Poverty

As we strive for sustainable diets to combat climate change and protect biodiversity, concerns arise about their nutritional adequacy. A systematic review reveals that eco-friendly diets may lead to lower intakes of essential micronutrients, posing risks to vulnerable populations. How can we balance environmental sustainability with optimal nutrition?
Join us for two engaging days at our Global Equity Summit, where we’ll navigate the shifting landscape of business and equity, crafting strategies to tackle contemporary challenges. Delve into vital issues such as women’s entrepreneurship, health, gender-based violence, sustainable infrastructure, value chains, and empowering the youth. Register for FREE using promo code GES24BFP.
Watch this hybrid workshop with the UK FCDO’s WOW programme and PwC to hear the latest thinking and examples on how applying a gender
New report launched at Business Fights Poverty Climate Justice Summit. Supply Chain Decarbonisation with a Gender Lens: Practical Guidance for Global Businesses

What do we mean by "Climate Action"?

Learn how targeted climate action can alleviate poverty by reducing vulnerabilities and promoting sustainable practices that ensure community resilience.

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