Weathering COVID-19: Small and Micro Businesses in Pakistan

Female shop owner surrounded by produce in Pakistan

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a wave of disruption, leaving no corner untouched. While the world focused on the health crisis, a quieter battle unfolded on the streets of Pakistan. Small and micro enterprises, the lifeblood of the nation’s economy, faced an unprecedented challenge. As we delve into the depths of their struggles, it becomes evident […]

Eco-Green Teens Project: Empowering Nigerian Youth for Sustainable Agriculture

Group of school children in Nigeria dressed in a green uniform and holding white bags

The Covid-19 pandemic had a socio-economic impact on the Nigerian economy, which led to increased food prices making basic staple foods (maize, cowpea, green leafy vegetable etc.) difficult to access for both low and middle-income classes [1]. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) also predicted that over 19 million Nigerians would face food insecurity in […]

It Takes Partnership and Innovation to Close the Financing Gap for Small-Scale Farmers

James Cortes a Farmer in Mexico in a green field with cows

Raising livestock provides livelihoods for rural families throughout Latin America; in fact, the livestock sector now accounts for nearly half the agricultural GDP of the region and is growing 75% faster than the livestock sector globally. But for Jaime Cortés and his father, Don Jaime, dairy farming in Jalisco, Mexico, could often feel like a […]