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Explore crucial insights in the Annual ESG Preparedness Report, highlighting leadership’s role in integrating Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) into business. This report emphasises women’s impact on sustainability governance and calls for actionable leadership strategies in a world increasingly aware of its ecological footprint.
Strive Community has launched the first version of their Small Business Evidence Map, a tool that charts the impact of digital and data-first support on small businesses. A resource for organisations that support small businesses to go digital, allowing users to understand the current state of evidence and explore more about what does—and doesn’t—have an impact on small businesses.
Better data and social performance benchmarks are critical to achieving more sustainable and equitable value chains. Tom Adams and Madeline Copp of 60 Decibels discuss the need to listen to farmers directly and at scale in order to improve their livelihoods.
While ESG has moved from a fringe topic to the forefront of business and investment strategies, questions persist about its real impact and how best to articulate its benefits. Experts and contributors from across the Business Fights Poverty community recently met to share their insights, highlighting several strategies and areas for improvement.
Almost two trillion dollars is being invested in ESG investment vehicles annually. And yet to date the instruments for investing and tracking the impact of the social dimensions are weak. The Citi-SOPHIA Oxford collaboration has uncovered a robust way to improve this.