Intrapreneurship for Social Good & Poverty Relief

Lorena explains why intrapreneurship is so critical for our current reality and she shares her advice with intrapreneurs who are starting their journey.
Members of the Business Fights Poverty share their insights through a series of “how-to” videos and seminars on the themes of Business Fights Poverty NYC Online 2020. Maggie De Pree, shares tips on how to help business professionals understand what is an intrapreneur, how someone can tell if they are one and how to create the conditions for their success
Carers Week and Global Intrapreneur Week – taking place in the same week: two weeks in one. For me though these “two weeks in one” are not just a diary clash as two of my passions – by strange coincidence – choose the same week to promote their cause. Rather, they are a stimulus to reflect on how intrapreneurism can help improve support for carers – and why, in the future, caring should inspire more social intrapreneurs.
Our economic system is at a crossroads. We are not only dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the single most impactful event of a generation but also the increasing effects of climate change and social inequality are not going away.​
As you’re no doubt aware, the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting took place last month. And while deep snow was noticeably absent (reinforcing the environmental dangers presented by the sizeable delegation from Extinction Rebellion (XR) this year), the audience of elite senior executives from around the world remained the same.​

What do we mean by "Intrapreneurship"?

Explore intrapreneurship focused on social good and poverty relief strategies and foster innovation within companies to address global challenges

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