Livelihoods and Jobs

Creating Employment & Jobs to Fight Poverty

The private sector is positioned to help solve one of the world’s great humanitarian crises, and a major driver of poverty. Worldwide, there are more than 103 million forcibly displaced people, including at least 32.5 million refugees.
The contribution that women make to the coffee value chain often goes underappreciated and undercompensated. However, TechnoServe Global Gender Director Cristina Manfre argues that by shining a spotlight on the roles women play across the value chain, we can help them to improve their incomes and economic empowerment.
RISE highlights the underrepresentation of women in leadership within the garment industry, revealing a disconnect between current programs and worker expectations. It advocates for addressing systemic barriers and redefining women’s advancement beyond supervisory roles, calling for industry collaboration to create a women’s advancement roadmap.
The ‘Women Respond’ survey by CARE underscores the vital importance of continuously listening to and collaborating with women in crisis situations. Highlighting the resilience and proactive measures women take despite increasing challenges. By actively involving women in decision-making and solution development, CARE’s initiative showcases a successful model for sustainable impact and advocacy, urging the global community to prioritize women’s voices in crisis response and development strategies.
TRANSFORM’s initiative in Ethiopia exemplifies the powerful impact of empowering women in entrepreneurship. By supporting projects like Kidame Mart, TRANSFORM not only aids individual success stories like Mestawet’s but also fosters community development, economic growth, and gender equality, demonstrating the far-reaching benefits of investing in women’s potential.

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Discover how job creation is a pivotal strategy in the global fight against poverty. Promoting employment opportunities fosters economic stability and growth.

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