Empowering Through Gender Equality Initiatives

Explore the shift from cash to digital wage payments and its implications for women and businesses. This transition offers improved financial management for women and operational efficiencies for businesses. The Better than Cash Alliance share how digital payments contribute to economic stability and gender equity, supporting global gender equity goals.
The contribution that women make to the coffee value chain often goes underappreciated and undercompensated. However, TechnoServe Global Gender Director Cristina Manfre argues that by shining a spotlight on the roles women play across the value chain, we can help them to improve their incomes and economic empowerment.
CARE USA’s Rathi Mani-Kandt shares insights on supporting women entrepreneurs and the privilege of collaborating with local partners to foster substantial systemic change for women.
A recent report from Citi Global Insights explores the gender health gap, and the contribution that FemTech – which applies digital technology to address health conditions that impact women– can make to closing it.
Watch this Peer Circle to explore thinking and practice at the forefront of women’s empowerment. This session provides a vibrant exchange of ideas, showcasing
Stanford Social Innovation Review is proud to present its first-ever global series of articles created in collaboration with its six local language partners—SSIR China, SSIR en Español, SSIR Japan, SSIR Korea, SSIR Brazil, and SSIR Arabia. The series, devoted to advancing equity, looks at inequities within the context of seven specific regions or countries, and the ways local innovators are working to balance the scales and foster greater inclusion across a range of issue areas.

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Explore initiatives focused on gender equality, which are essential for promoting human rights and reducing global poverty. Click through to learn more...

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