Sustainable Employment

Sustainable Employment for Poverty Reduction

The private sector is positioned to help solve one of the world’s great humanitarian crises, and a major driver of poverty. Worldwide, there are more than 103 million forcibly displaced people, including at least 32.5 million refugees.
RISE highlights the underrepresentation of women in leadership within the garment industry, revealing a disconnect between current programs and worker expectations. It advocates for addressing systemic barriers and redefining women’s advancement beyond supervisory roles, calling for industry collaboration to create a women’s advancement roadmap.
This report underscores the pivotal role of businesses in advancing SDG 5 for gender equality through the care economy. It highlights the increasing demand for care services and the innovative solutions offered by social entrepreneurs. With insights from global corporations, the report presents a framework for businesses to collaborate with care enterprises, emphasizing the urgency to address the care crisis and champion gender equality. With IDRC.
Global businesses are leveraging responsible digital payments to accelerate progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on aiding small retailers, smallholder farmers, and low-income workers. Digitization not only enhances efficiency but also drives financial inclusion, benefiting millions by offering secure, accessible transactions.
Enlightened businesses recognise their opportunity to lobby governments to tackle inequalities, as well as behaving responsibly. But few seem willing to speak out about socio-economic inequalities. Read on for nine reasons why businesses should speak out about the need for a fairer Britain
The Equality Institute is undertaking a new initiative looking at the challenges parents face in the workplace, how these challenges differ for mothers versus fathers and other people caring for children, and what employers can do to help overcome them. But we need your help. Please Share your views in this Parents in the Workplace Survey.

What do we mean by "Sustainable Employment"?

Investigate how providing sustainable employment solutions can lead to significant poverty reduction. Stable jobs are key to improving livelihoods globally.

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