Health Solutions for Poverty Reduction

Amid rising global hunger due to pandemic, conflict, and climate change, SDG2: Zero Hunger remains a paramount goal. Learn how Farm Africa is enhancing smallholder farmers’ resilience in Eastern Africa through climate-smart agriculture, holistic programs, and empowering community-led initiatives, driving forward the critical mission to eradicate hunger by 2030.
A recent report from Citi Global Insights explores the gender health gap, and the contribution that FemTech – which applies digital technology to address health conditions that impact women– can make to closing it.
Watch this Webinar with the Global Financing Facility to discover the pivotal role of businesses in advancing health for women, children, and adolescents. Speakers: Lilia
Business Fights Poverty’s latest discussion paper explores why the health of women, children and young people is an issue that affects us all – and how some leading companies are taking action to make sure that everyone has access to the healthcare they deserve.
This discussion paper underscores the pivotal role of the private sector in improving the health of women, children, and young people, essential for sustainable and equitable development. It highlights the increasing demand for healthcare services and the innovative solutions needed to address global health crises. With insights from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including businesses, governments, and civil society, the paper presents a framework for collaboration, emphasizing the urgency to bridge healthcare gaps and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. With the Global Financing Facility (GFF) and Business Fights Poverty.
This World Children’s Day, the UK hosts the Global Food Security Summit, addressing Zero Hunger and malnutrition. Amid alarming UN projections of over 600 million people facing hunger by 2030, the summit focuses on empowering smallholder farmers and leveraging technology for a sustainable, resilient food system

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Learn how health initiatives can combat poverty by improving access to quality care and preventative measures, fostering a healthier society.

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