Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation for Poverty Reduction

Hosted with Reckitt The pandemic and effects of climate change are creating a challenging terrain with high levels of water stress impacting the most
Menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) is a term used to encapsulate the broader systemic factors that link menstruation with health, well-being, equity, empowerment, and individual rights. Leveraging their expertise in market sanitation in Ethiopian communities, a team of iDE-ers sought to expand the organization’s approach through an exploratory study of MHH.
At Archipel&Co, we’ve been working on last mile sales and distribution and sanitation products and services for decades. We were thrilled at the opportunity to combine the two in supporting SATO by LIXIL to identify, prioritise and execute a channel strategy for market-based distribution and sales in Ghana. Explore the case study here. 
Clean water and sanitation for all is a critical Sustainable Development Goal which has only become more significant in the global pandemic. In rural Tanzania the spread of water-borne diseases affects everyday lives, so Raleigh International young people teamed up with Reckitt employees, and found an impactful way to combat this problem.
Do you leverage digital technology to deliver urban services with social, economic and environmental Impact? if you do so in the fields of plastic and waste management, energy, water or sanitation, the newly launched GSMA fund could support you. Red on to learn more.
The Connecting Business initiative (CBi) new publication presents the importance of gender in private sector and disaster management, as well as the interconnections between these fields. It includes an introduction to the topic, the results of the research, a special chapter on COVID-19, three case studies and a mapping of close to 200 resources.
Solutions to the global sanitation crisis can be generated by a multilateral approach, blending the expertise, research and support of the private sector with the focus and structure of the public sector to enable innovative local enterprises to deliver long-term, desirable solutions. This approach is increasingly being implemented, with a number of examples of businesses, enterprises and public sector stakeholders working together to deliver lasting responses to the sanitation crisis.
Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our health and personal lives, it has also and continues to, fundamentally challenge our political, social, and economic norms. Most notably it has impacted how many of us think about tackling the big issues like climate change. In this article we will talk about the similarities and differences in tackling this big issue. We will also discuss how, as we continue to emerge out of lockdown, we need to start to re-tool in order to build back better, rather than simply restarting the engines again.

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Understand the critical role of improved water and sanitation services in poverty eradication and how they enhance health and quality of life in impoverished areas.

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