Gender-Based Violence

Combating Gender-Based Violence

Watch this Workshop to learn from a decade of insights and practical guidance to build supportive, safe work environments for all. Discover how your
The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, in partnership with Intuit, has published cutting-edge research, revealing the challenges, motivations and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries in 2023, strongly linked to digital access and experiences. Here, the Foundation’s CEO, Dhivya O’Connor, shares the report’s key findings and calls for urgent action from the private sector to support women’s entrepreneurship and digital inclusion.
This interview with the author of the new Business Fights Poverty Toolkit – Dr Jane Pilinger, will help you discover how your organisation or company can prevent domestic violence and abuse, empower survivors, and enhance workplace safety and well-being.  
The ‘Women Respond’ survey by CARE underscores the vital importance of continuously listening to and collaborating with women in crisis situations. Highlighting the resilience and proactive measures women take despite increasing challenges. By actively involving women in decision-making and solution development, CARE’s initiative showcases a successful model for sustainable impact and advocacy, urging the global community to prioritize women’s voices in crisis response and development strategies.
This Toolkit emphasizes the critical role of companies in combating domestic violence, particularly within the realm of work. It showcases the significant contribution of Dr. Jane Pillinger’s expertise, combined with the knowledge gathered from global organizations like the ILO and UN Women. Through practical guidance and insights from interviews with survivors, managers, and colleagues, the Toolkit offers a roadmap for businesses to support survivors of domestic violence. It underlines the necessity for workplace interventions and highlights how companies of all sizes can engage in preventing domestic violence and providing a safe environment for employees. With the support of global and sector-specific best practices, the Toolkit aims to foster awareness, safety, and prevention in the professional sphere.
Our hybrid workshop with Anglo American explored lessons and practical opportunities to collaborate across sectors to tackle the root causes of gender-based violence. OPENING
Hosted with Avon When incidents of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) spiked during the pandemic, many businesses stepped up. Yet organisations still have a role to

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Discover strategies and initiatives that aim to protect victims and prevent gender-basaed violence through education, legal reform, and community engagement.

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