Racial Equity

Racial Equity Initiatives

Our latest report explores the rapid evolution of generative AI, its potential for positive social impact, the risks it poses, and the crucial role of businesses in harnessing its benefits and mitigating its risks. Share your perspectives and help shape our collective thinking on building an equitable, resilient future.
Hosted with Barclays This session explored how we can build an equitable and human-centred economy that supports and fosters a new generation of workers.
An insights paper on how social entrepreneur leaders of colour in the U.S. are struggling to find sufficient investment to build businesses that serve their communities, with practical actions that need to be taken. With Barclays.
Everybody’s multiple identities will have an impact on how they experience life at work. People’s age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation or a mental or physical disability can all bring advantages and disadvantages.  Taking a broader approach to how we view others and not just looking at gender or race in silos, is key to achieving company diversity and inclusion ambitions.

What do we mean by "Racial Equity"?

Discover and participate in global efforts to promote racial equity, addressing systemic barriers and advancing inclusivity in governance and rights.

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