What do we mean by "Poverty"?

The private sector is positioned to help solve one of the world’s great humanitarian crises, and a major driver of poverty. Worldwide, there are more than 103 million forcibly displaced people, including at least 32.5 million refugees.
Amid rising global hunger due to pandemic, conflict, and climate change, SDG2: Zero Hunger remains a paramount goal. Learn how Farm Africa is enhancing smallholder farmers’ resilience in Eastern Africa through climate-smart agriculture, holistic programs, and empowering community-led initiatives, driving forward the critical mission to eradicate hunger by 2030.
Having the means to engage effectively online is key in improving education and employment opportunities for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds, but is becoming increasingly difficult amid the cost-of-living crisis. Here, Guy Miller, CEO of full fibre network operator MS3 Networks, explores the digital divide’s negative impact on social mobility, and how businesses can tackle it.
The ‘Women Respond’ survey by CARE underscores the vital importance of continuously listening to and collaborating with women in crisis situations. Highlighting the resilience and proactive measures women take despite increasing challenges. By actively involving women in decision-making and solution development, CARE’s initiative showcases a successful model for sustainable impact and advocacy, urging the global community to prioritize women’s voices in crisis response and development strategies.
TRANSFORM’s initiative in Ethiopia exemplifies the powerful impact of empowering women in entrepreneurship. By supporting projects like Kidame Mart, TRANSFORM not only aids individual success stories like Mestawet’s but also fosters community development, economic growth, and gender equality, demonstrating the far-reaching benefits of investing in women’s potential.
Discover how social entrepreneurs are driving sustainable development in Africa through the “Roots of Change” report by Ashoka. This insightful analysis highlights strategies for systemic change, addressing key challenges like poverty, youth unemployment, and climate vulnerability.