Human Rights and Governance

Advancing Human Rights and Governance

To commemorate this MSME Day, Sarah Hewitt of Strive Women, delves into how small businesses, particularly those led by women, drive community growth, innovation, and economic resilience, despite facing significant barriers. Discover inspiring stories and strategies to support women-led enterprises and promote inclusive growth.
The Global Coalition for Youth Mental Health is calling on public and private sector leaders to unite in a collective call for action. Our mission is clear: to rally for increased investment in mental health support for children and young people worldwide. Will you join us?
Enhancing women’s empowerment strategies faces resistance from power dynamics and short-term profit concerns. However, long-term and well-diversified investors recognize the sustainable benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion, influencing firms to prioritize gender equality and reaping positive financial outcomes. This article explores the critical role investors play in promoting women’s empowerment in business.
World Refugee Day on June 20th honors the courage of refugees worldwide. USA for UNHCR engages corporate and foundation partners to amplify awareness, mobilize resources, and advocate for supportive policies. Discover how these efforts help displaced people rebuild their lives and how you can contribute to this vital cause.
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can achieve a competitive edge by adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Embracing sustainability offers numerous benefits, and the UN Global Compact Network UK’s SDG Playbook provides practical steps to help SMEs successfully integrate these goals into their business models.
The textile and apparel industries are showing signs of progress on gender awareness and women’s empowerment. Yet, at the start of their supply chains, the cotton sector lags behind. So, Alia Malik asks: How can cotton sow fields of change?

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Explore initiatives that advance human rights and promote effective governance, driving global change, enforcing equity and alleviating poverty.

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