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The online Business Fights Poverty Climate Justice Summit 2023, broadcasting live from Dubai and Nairobi during the COP28 climate summit, will give you the chance to have your voice heard wherever you may be in the world. Register for FREE using promo code BFPCJ23
Discover how social entrepreneurs are driving sustainable development in Africa through the “Roots of Change” report by Ashoka. This insightful analysis highlights strategies for systemic change, addressing key challenges like poverty, youth unemployment, and climate vulnerability.
“Nothing about us without us.” These simple words communicate a profound message: no decision-making, policy-making or interventions impacting young people should be put in place without the full engagement and the voices of young people.
Explore crucial insights in the Annual ESG Preparedness Report, highlighting leadership’s role in integrating Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) into business. This report emphasises women’s impact on sustainability governance and calls for actionable leadership strategies in a world increasingly aware of its ecological footprint.
Rathi Mani-Kandt’s article reveals the untapped economic potential of women entrepreneurs. As CARE USA’s Director, she highlights how investing in women could boost the global economy by $10 trillion by 2030. This insightful piece emphasises women’s pivotal role in driving global economic growth and prosperity.
This World Children’s Day, the UK hosts the Global Food Security Summit, addressing Zero Hunger and malnutrition. Amid alarming UN projections of over 600 million people facing hunger by 2030, the summit focuses on empowering smallholder farmers and leveraging technology for a sustainable, resilient food system
Shea trading does nothing to lift women producers in Ghana above the UN poverty line.  The Dipaliya Return on Extraction business model changes all that, empowering women, providing fair wages, and enabling community investments. Dipaliya stands for ethical and regenerative shea trading in Ghana.