Investing in Women Farmers with Leonor Gutiérrez Fernández

Podcast Interview

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Investing in women farmers – why do we need to and are we doing enough? Social Impact Pioneer Leonor (Leo) Gutiérrez Fernández, the visionary Director of the Women in Agriculture Initiative (WAI) at Root Capital, joins us to talk: impact investing, agriculture and why we aren’t helping anyone by leaving women behind.

With a background in psychology and a master’s in social development, Leo has dedicated her life to fostering gender equity, impact investing, and global development, making significant strides in the agricultural sector.

At Root Capital—a nonprofit that invests in small and growing agricultural enterprises to transform rural communities—Leo leads the organisation’s strategy to advance gender equity in the impact investing space. To date Root Capital has distributed $1.96 billion to over 843 enterprises, impacting millions of lives.

During this conversation, hear about Leo’s personal journey from psychology student to international development leader. She explores why gender-inclusive businesses are: More stable and profitable; less likely to experience significant revenue dips; less likely to default; and more likely to secure new sources of financing.

Together we delve into the power of female farmers, how to unlock their strength and why we overlook them to our detriment.

And if you too want to get involved, do join our written discussion on 23rd May 2024, as we explore: How we can ensure communications are human-centred, empathetic and engaging?

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