Tackling Gender Inequality with Andreea Moldovan and Laura Shaw of Avon

Podcast Interview

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How do we tackle gender inequality through work? Avon are calling for Women’s progress and equality, for us to Speak Out against gender-based violence and Shine Bright for women in our communities and around the world. This podcast was recorded during the Business Fights Poverty Global Equity Summit 2024.

Ahead International Women’s Day – Andreea Moldovan and Laura Shaw joined us and had a conversation about the key findings from Avon’s latest Global Progress for Women report.

They very generously open up about their personal experiences of breaking the barriers to gender inequality and discuss nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, creating safe spaces for women to thrive and driving actionable change for a more equitable and supportive future for women worldwide.

Andreea has 25 years of experience in direct selling and cosmetics industry, with over 10 years spent as a General Manager. Andrea has a background in computer science applied in economics
She has lived in 3 countries and worked with more than 20 markets during her career.

Laura, with over two decades in marketing, PR, and communications, is an accountability coach and marketing manager as well as running her successful Avon business – Laura is a proud Avon rep – supporting others to do the same.


Avon’s Global Progress for Women Report 2024

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