Climate Change and Global Health with Desta Lakew

Podcast Interview

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Climate change is a global health issue. Social Impact Pioneer, Desta Lakew joins us to share her insights on why Africa’s youthful population is a sick crisis waiting to explode if we don’t start thinking about health care rather than sick care. And how climate change is already deteriorating health in the areas she’s working on.

Desta is a powerhouse in forging global partnerships for Africa, playing a pivotal role in securing strategic alliances for Amref Health Africa. Since joining the Amref executive team in 2014, Desta has been at the forefront of thought leadership and external engagements, working tirelessly with global partners and Amref’s senior leadership to drive transformative health initiatives across the continent.

Amref Health Africa is the largest health development non-governmental international organisation based in Africa. With over 2000 people working with them and operations in more than 8 countries within the continent. Amref is on a mission to catalyse and drive community-led and people centred health systems while addressing social determinants of health.

Desta’s instrumental role in launching the first biennial Africa Health Agenda International Conference in 2014 marked a significant milestone in facilitating a global south dialogue and knowledge exchange on Universal Health Coverage in Africa and Asia. Desta holds a Masters of Public Health from the State University of New York and serves on the regional advisory board for Acumen East Africa and the Thematic Working Group on Private Sector of Health Systems Global. Her commitment to health equity and her strategic vision for a healthier Africa make her a true pioneer in the field.

Join us as Desta Lakew shares her journey from Ethiopia to New York and back to Africa, her motivations, and her ongoing work to address the critical intersection of health and climate change, aiming to strengthen health systems and improve lives across the continent. Stay tuned as we explore the challenges, the victories, and the future of health in Africa with one of its most passionate advocates.

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