Financial Empowerment for Young Entrepreneurs: A Strategic Imperative

Young entrepreneurs supported by YBI members through Futuremakers, funded by Standard Chartered Foundation

Entrepreneurship can be a transformative option for young people to gain economic independence, shape economies and drive businesses for good. Young entrepreneurs are critical to future economic development and key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. But while young entrepreneurs rarely lack ambition, they often lack resources. Insufficient access to finance remains a consistent barrier […]

How Can Businesses Tackle the Digital Divide to Drive Social Mobility?

digital divide social mobility - Multiracial people group and urban friends using mobile phone

Limited internet users are five times more likely than extensive users to be from a low-income household, according to 2023 data from Good Things Foundation. However, having the means to engage effectively online is key in improving education and employment opportunities for those from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Social mobility in the UK, which refers to […]

The Global Pursuit of Equity: A New Stanford Social Innovation Review Article Series

Social and environmental inequities exist in every pocket of the world, without exception. They often form across familiar lines, including race, gender, or physical ability, and manifest in familiar ways, including greater or less access to education, employment, technology, security, and a healthy environment. However, the severity, entrenchment, and complexity of these inequities are unique […]

Integrating Gender Equality into Sustainability Standards: A Strategic Approach

Gender Equality into Sustainability Standards

Tackling gender inequalities in supply chains through sustainability systems The world won’t meet its sustainability goals without addressing gender issues – and sustainability standards and similar systems have an important role to play by setting gender responsive standards. The world won’t meet its sustainability goals without addressing gender issues – and sustainability standards and similar […]

Redefining Women’s Leadership in the Garment Industry

Women and Garment Industry- Indian women in textiles factory with arms crossed

RISE: A Reflection on Women’s Advancement Beyond Supervisory Roles in the Garment Industry Key Points Women workers are underrepresented in leadership roles within factories in the Ready-made-Garment (RGM) supply chains Existing activities focused on workers’ and supervisors’ capacity building to promote women to supervisory roles don’t fully match the expectations of workers or address their […]

Mainstreaming Gender to Power Sustainable Business Growth

Gender Equality Mainstreaming A-woman-participates-in-agricultural-activities-in-Myanmar

Gender equality is one of the essential pieces of the global prosperity puzzle. Women represent almost half of the global population and thus, also possess half of its potential. Yet inequalities faced by women are so deeply rooted and persistent, that we are lagging behind in our progress towards the gender equality targets set out […]

Navigating Leadership and Governance on Sustainability

Leadership and Governance on Sustainability

Navigating Leadership and Governance on Sustainability: Insights from The Sustainability Boards’ 2023 Annual ESG Preparedness Report In a world increasingly conscious of its footprint, the evolution of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) is a worldwide focus. The Sustainability Board’s 2023 Annual ESG Preparedness Report offers invaluable insights into global boards’ approaches to sustainability governance and director’s […]

Empowering Ghanaian Women in Sustainable Shea Trading

Two women from Ghana Sustainable Shea butter

Shea butter, a natural fat from Shea nuts, comes from Shea trees, indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa. Shea trees take 15 years to produce their first nuts. Shea butter is the only natural fat that contains all the nutrients the skin needs and its production is a centuries-old craft practiced by local women for cooking and skincare. […]