Sustainable Hospitality with Levar Jackson: A Journey Towards Eco-Friendly Hotels

Podcast Interview

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Delve into the fascinating world of sustainable hospitality with Levar Jackson, a visionary in eco-friendly hotel design. As the Founder and CEO of Yogh Group, Jackson collaborates with Oregon State University to pioneer sustainable technologies for the hospitality industry, such as the QuaiEnergy System and the Algae Growth System.

Our conversation starts in the UK, highlighting the need for greener travel destinations. Levar is on a mission to integrate sustainability, and clean-technology design in hotels.

Levar emphasises the importance of pragmatic solutions in transforming hotels into sustainable spaces. He discusses the challenges of miniaturising sustainable technologies for hotel use, ensuring that they are both efficient and fit for the unique demands of the hospitality industry.

We explore various trends in sustainable technology, with a focus on contextually based solutions like microgrids, heat pumps, and green roofing. The key takeaway? No single technology can solve all problems; a holistic, location-specific approach is essential.

As we discuss the financial and environmental implications of sustainable practices, Levar highlights the need for the hospitality industry to lead in innovation, rather than merely adopting technologies designed for other sectors.


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