Lifting Participation: Female Entrepreneurs Tackle Climate Change – with Bill Winters and Audrey S-Darko

Podcast Interview

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Why lifting participation of women and excluded groups around the world can help tackle climate change. Listen in to this personal conversation between Standard Chartered’s Group Chief Executive, Bill Winters and Futuremaker Audrey S-Darko as they talk entrepreneurship, climate change and women in technology.

Audrey is a dynamic entrepreneur in the agricultural-tech sector based in Ghana. During this conversation with Bill Winters, she shares her first-hand experiences and perspectives on the critical intersection of climate change and environmental degradation.

In the wake of COP28 – Audrey emphasises the loss of arable land, reduced agricultural productivity, and the socio-economic consequences for farming communities that climate change is reaping.Whilst together Bill and Audrey discuss the power of female entrepreneurs and how tackling the inequality in financing and support of their enterprises can radically increase climate solutions, whilst simultaneously lifting households out of poverty.

Be ready to learn about financing mechanisms and support that can help create resilience to climate change and lift participation of female entrepreneurs, including Standard Chartered’s own Futuremakers and Women in Tech programmes.

Questions this podcast will examine:

What are the impacts of climate change in Ghana?Audrey’s work leading agri-tech business Sabon Sake in Ghana is deeply affected by climate-related challenges. Audrey highlights the significant loss of once fertile lands, now struggling under the weight of droughts, flooding, and other extreme weather conditions. This transformation has not only led to decreased crop yields but also heightened food insecurity and economic distress for farmers. Audrey passionately argues for a need to work with nature to ensure sustainable livelihoods and the protection of our planet for future generations.

Where are new climate solutions coming from?
New climate solutions are emerging as a response to the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. These solutions are increasingly driven by advancements in technology and innovation in the agricultural sector, focusing on sustainable food production and land regeneration. Additionally, there’s a growing emphasis on developing inclusive economic models that involve vulnerable communities, particularly in agriculture, ensuring their access to resources and knowledge to tackle the climate crisis effectively. This approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to socio-economic stability and improved livelihoods.

How can finance better support female entrepreneurs?

To better support female entrepreneurs in finance, especially in fields like climate technology, financial institutions should focus on inclusive funding strategies. This includes providing equitable access to capital for women-led businesses and creating supportive ecosystems for growth and innovation. By integrating gender insights and understanding into the decision making of financial services, finance can empower female entrepreneurs to address critical issues like climate change and drive sustainable economic development.


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