Business Purpose Made Simple, with William Buist

Podcast Interview

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Business purpose made simple. Listen in to this podcast and hear Social Impact Pioneer William Buist explain the basics of business purpose and why we might be over complicating it. During this conversation William dives into business purpose and how solving big problems is at the heart of all businesses. Before he shares his practical ways to support teammates in their personal development. To optimise team performance – creating a road map for effective leadership.

William Buist spent many years working his way up and through business. He has managed teams of hundreds and wrestled with the challenges of getting a desperate group of people in seemingly boring jobs to pull in the same direction and be passionate about their work. After a spot of trial and error – William discovered the power of purpose – finding out first hand that drilling into the basics of the problem your business is trying to solve for, can help bring everyone together, remotivate and energise.

On his way, William saw a journey his colleagues were going on, a journey he has codified so that we can all learn from his wisdom. Listen in to hear how William explain how explorers can turn to novices, practitioners, experts and then masters. And how building teams of masters creates opportunities and resilience. This may sound lofty but be prepared for very practical insights into how to do create high performing teams and be a better leader.

Join William on his journey and take advantage of his kind offer to help you too. If you would like to take advantage of a free and personalised business purpose audit – do take a look at the link below.


Intentional Mastery: Step Beyond Your Expertise and Build Better Business
Your free and personal business audit

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