Climate Conferences with Obed Koringo

Podcast Interview

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How do climate conferences work? Hear from social impact pioneer Obed Koringo, part of the CARE delegation at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Obed shares how governments, negotiators, civil society, businesses and other stakeholders all work together to help move along global climate commitments and drive actions towards better climate outcomes for all.

This podcast forms part of a series – examining how business addresses climate justice. Together we hear how business puts people at the heart of the climate action. This conversation is recorded live from within the climate change COP27. Obed has more than a decade’s experience in technical and advisory roles – analysing policies, advocating, and lobbying on the behalf of those most vulnerable to climate change, at local, national, and global levels. Obed has practical advice for all of us, including businesses in helping ensure a just transition to a green economy for all. Obed is excited about the innovation emerging to tackle climate change and how private sector finance can really accelerate impact.

Get ready to hear the real inside line from COP27 and the emerging trends he is seeing. Obed explains:

“We actually do not want to engage in more talk shows. We want now to go to actual implementation on the ground – translating commitments and pledges into action. But unfortunately, here this COP we are seeing lack of progress, especially on loss and damage, and finance for adaptation, which is key in supporting vulnerable communities who are already suffering from the impact of climate, as well as suffering from losses and damages associated with climate change.”

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