Articulating Social Impact, with Kati and Jenn

Podcast Interview

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Doubt and uncertainty can fog the perception of businesses managing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. Can enterprises be thriving and profitable while addressing social injustices and environmental degradation? The evidence says “Yes,” but how do we best articulate this?

Meet Social Impact Pioneers Jennifer Owens and Kati Kallins. Two people with decades of experience working with people from across business areas – in that time Jenn and Kati have learnt a few things about how to better communicate environmental, social and governance topics. Buckle up for a deeply pragmatic conversation, stuffed full of practical guidance and insight.

Jenn is a seasoned content strategy executive, she crafts compelling narratives, working with people across business to understand how, when and where to talk about sustainability and diversity.

Concurrently, Kati Kallins, an adjunct professor at Hult International School of Business, she merges her passion for climate action and social equity with corporate sustainability. Having worked at Meta, Google, and the Environmental Protection Agency, Kati brings experience of both the communications and people engagement.

This podcast is not a platform for idealistic discourse. It dives into practical, on-the-ground strategies, dissecting how businesses can contribute positively to a world where safety and sustainability are universal rights, not luxuries. It discusses ways to uphold profit and purpose, unravelling how these ideas are not at odds but, instead, a not-so-new business paradigm.

Expect digestible takeaways and actionable tactics. So, let’s lean in, listen, learn, and together navigate this journey towards a better future. Because at the end of the day, we all strive for a world that’s not just profitable, but one that’s also habitable and just.

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