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Building social impact movements is hard. Bringing people together, across society and sectors to engage with and take action on an issue is a golden ticket to creating long-term lasting impact. How do you do it?

Meet Social Impact Pioneer Devi Thomas. During our conversation, Devi shares her wisdom and experience in successfully developing and delivering social movements and campaigns. Rarely does someone so generously gift their secret sauce as Devi does during this conversation. She takes us step by step through creating a movement.

This podcast a masterclass in movement building, and also a deep dive into Devi’s work building, accelerating and advocating for the non-profit sector. Devi says: “Not-for-profits are a misnomer – I consider myself to be an active part of the problem-solving sector.”

Named one of 2022’s Top Women in Communications, Devi Thomas is a social impact visionary. With 20+ years of experience overseeing communications and global campaigns, she is a particular expert in communicating around social and environmental impact –creating movements – encouraging people to really take action. Buckle up, we will be hearing from a real master in social impact communications.

Devi is the Global Head of Industry Solutions at Microsoft Philanthropies, Tech for Social Impact. Championing innovative non-profits and connecting technological support and solutions for them. She has previously worked with Salesforce and the UN, beginning her career as a journalist.


Bryan Stevenson, Equal Justice Initiative

UN Foundation, Shot at Life: campaign

Devi Thomas, LinkedIn

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