Leadership and Governance on Sustainability

Navigating Leadership and Governance on Sustainability

By Frederik Otto, Executive Director, Founder, The Sustainability Board

Explore crucial insights in the Annual ESG Preparedness Report, highlighting leadership’s role in integrating Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) into business. This report emphasises women’s impact on sustainability governance and calls for actionable leadership strategies in a world increasingly aware of its ecological footprint.

Navigating Leadership and Governance on Sustainability: Insights from The Sustainability Boards’ 2023 Annual ESG Preparedness Report

In a world increasingly conscious of its footprint, the evolution of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) is a worldwide focus. The Sustainability Board’s 2023 Annual ESG Preparedness Report offers invaluable insights into global boards’ approaches to sustainability governance and director’s individual ESG engagement. It emphasises the urgent need for leadership and oversight, highlighting the indispensable role of women in driving sustainability engagement.

The New Governance Era

2023 Annual ESG Report

The paradigm shifts in corporate governance to include sustainability issues, opportunities and risks is unmistakable. More boards than ever are embedding ESG into their governance policies and create committees dedicated to sustainability or include ESG in already standing committees. This development is a testament to the growing recognition that sustainable practices are not just ethical choices but are also crucial for long-term business viability. However, concise and aligned disclosures of accountability is still lacking behind.

Stagnation in Engagement – A Call for Action

Despite these advancements, the report identifies a concerning stagnation in ESG engagement among board directors. This lack of progress signals a need for boards to intensify their commitment and up-skill on ESG matters, as well as more actively engage on them, for example on conferences, through non-profit assignments or stakeholder engagement. It’s time for leaders to go beyond mere compliance and champion ESG as a core aspect of their organisational purpose.

Women at the Forefront of ESG

A finding that has persisted since the inception of our annual report 5 years ago is the pivotal role of women in ESG engagement. The report shows that female directors are consistently more engaged in ESG issues than their male counterparts. This underlines a critical need for gender diversity in boardrooms, not just as a token metric but as a strategic advantage in driving sustainability governance.

Addressing Emerging Challenges

The report urges a broader perspective on ESG, highlighting the importance of areas such as Human Rights, AI & Emerging Technology, Geopolitics & Conflict, and Nature & Biodiversity. As global challenges evolve, so must our approach to sustainability, adapting to emerging threats and opportunities.

Recommendations for a Sustainability Oversight

For boards seeking to enhance the comprehensiveness of their ESG oversight, the report provides practical recommendations:

  • Increase female representation on boards to leverage diverse perspectives and increase ESG engagement.
  • Identify and prioritise key sustainability concerns relevant to the business and align governance disclosures.
  • Continuously monitor and adapt ESG strategies to reflect changing global dynamics.

Engaging the Community

As members of the Business Fights Poverty community, we must ask ourselves: How can we contribute to a more sustainable future? Are our leadership structures committed enough to drive meaningful change in ESG practices?

The report not only assesses the state of ESG oversight in global boardrooms, but also serves as a clarion call for renewed commitment and strategic focus. It’s an invitation for each of us to reflect, engage, and act towards a more sustainable and equitable world.


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