Time to Act on Mental Health: UNICEF’s Global Coalition for Youth Mental Well-being

The Global Coalition for Youth Mental Well-being, hosted by UNICEF, was born out of the belief that the mental well-being of youth cannot be addressed by one entity alone but needs collective action. It is time for joint action on mental health. Mental health and psychosocial well-being are fundamental components of a child’s healthy development […]

To Build Thriving Cocoa Communities, Educate the Children

The theme of this year’s UN International Day of Education, “to invest in people, prioritize education,” resonates with us at Cargill as it aligns with the work we are doing in cocoa growing communities. In these communities, improving access to quality education helps keep children away from child labor and grants them the opportunity to […]

Addressing the Future of Work for Young Africans in a Post-Covid World

Covid-19 has undeniably changed the way in which we understand the world of work coupled with unemployment numbers that have increased globally. We have undoubtedly read horrifying statics about youth unemployment and the scarcity of traditional job opportunities. It is estimated that we will witness a global figure of 73 million unemployed youths by the […]

If We Want to Meet the SDGs, We Need to Ditch Empty Rhetoric and Invest in Young People

Rainforest Alliance Youth

‘Youth is the future. The leaders of tomorrow. Youth will change the world’. This is all true. But the rhetoric banded around at leadership events is not being matched by actions that enable youth’s full and meaningful participation. Last month’s International Youth Day (12 August) serves as a powerful reminder that this needs to change. […]

How can young people from low-income countries get the best from financial services?

How can young people from low-income countries get the best from financial services? With goals that range from “[being] financially stable”, to “being an established business tycoon”, young people from low-income communities have big ambitions. However, due to an interwoven mix of financial barriers, they currently lack the information, infrastructure, and knowledge to pursue such […]

Join the Futuremakers Forum 2022

How can we, together, put young people into the driving seat and create the financial systems they need to achieve success? Nearly 1 in 4 young female entrepreneurs say they don’t control their own money; 75% of young people with business bank accounts say they assumed they weren’t eligible for any further financial products and […]

Supporting a new generation of green and social entrepreneurs

Throughout our global network, we are seeing more and more young entrepreneurs build businesses that deliver profit with purpose. They are the new generation entrepreneurs working to solve some of the greatest environmental and social challenges of our time and will play a vital role in creating a more equitable and sustainable world for us […]

Rethinking Fundraising

On the 10th of January 2022, UNICEF Italy launched BZR, a virtual marketplace where everyone can buy second-hand and new clothes from a selection of Italian fashion companies and influencers. The launch of BZR is part of Next Generation, an internal programme that UNICEF Italy started in 2019 as a laboratory for new disruptive solutions […]