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Explore our issue-based resource kits with downloadable, co-created learning resources. Everything you need to inform your organisation’s social impact strategy and stay ahead of emerging social impact trends.

More Poverty Resources

Social Impact Pioneer Molly Melin deep dives into the role of organisations, particularly businesses in building and breaking peace.
Celebrate the Fairtrade Foundation’s 30th Anniversary and explore its impact on global trade. Fairtrade supports over 2 million farmers and workers, addresses climate change challenges, and promotes fair wages. Discover consumer power in transforming trade systems and ensuring sustainable futures for beloved products like coffee.
To commemorate this MSME Day, Sarah Hewitt of Strive Women, delves into how small businesses, particularly those led by women, drive community growth, innovation, and economic resilience, despite facing significant barriers. Discover inspiring stories and strategies to support women-led enterprises and promote inclusive growth.