Eric Meade, Reframing Poverty

Podcast Interview

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Meet Eric Meade, social impact pioneer and deep thinker about what poverty really means. During this conversation be prepared to rethink what poverty means to you and to others. Discover ways to better understand poverty, how others might be experiencing poverty. Apply this understanding to make better decisions and deliver deeper poverty-alleviating impacts.

Eric Meade is a futurist, leadership coach and comes with a reputation, as one reviewer of his new book ‘Reframing Poverty’ warns us: “Eric avoids simple answers.”

Get ready to explore questions such as ‘Why are people poor and what should be done about it?’

Eric argues that there are four views of poverty that can each cast a shadow on how we engage with the issues that make up poverty. Eric takes us through these four views: structural, behavioural, cultural and contextual; and shares practical questions to help us all understand the differing views. Do take a look at the four views 2×2 matrix link below for more help.

In addition, our conversation spans population growth, Newtonian laws and the challenges of cognitive reduction!

As Eric Meade, Editor-in-Chief, Stanford Social Innovation Review warns us in his book review for ‘Reframing Poverty’…listen to this podcast and be ready to “upend conventional thinking and think deeply about what poverty is.”


Reframing Poverty:
Eric Meade:
The Survival of the Wisest by Jonas Salk:…al-of-the-wisest
“What if we loved the poor?”:…dThePoor.pdf
Another book by Eric Meade, Whole Mind Facilitation: How to Lead Workshops That Change People, Organizations, and the World:
Questions to better understand and apply the four views of poverty – 2×2 matrix:…-low-res.jpg
Whole Mind Strategy Group:
Business Fights Poverty – The Poverty Tsunami:



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