Tackling Gender-Based Violence

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Watch this Workshop to learn from a decade of insights and practical guidance to build supportive, safe work environments for all. Discover how your company can be a key player in preventing domestic violence, empowering survivors, and enhancing workplace safety and well-being.

Opening Speakers:

Christel Adamou, Director, Office of Professional Ethics and Conduct, Asian Development Bank

Susan Bright, CEO, Employers Initiative Against Domestic Abuse

Natalie Deacon, Director Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Avon International

Katie O’Brien, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Anglo American

Pamela Zaballa, CEO, NO MORE

Claudine McMahon, Head of Culture and Inclusion, Vodafone

Shabnam Hameed, Gender Based Violence Specialist, IFC


Jane Pillinger, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Department of Social Policy and Criminology, Open University