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Meet Hamzah Sarwar. By day he is Global Insight Lead for RB looking at infant nutrition. By night he is driving social innovation across the business. RB is well positioned to deliver large scale social impact, being a leading consumer health and hygiene company, owning brands such as: Dettol, Durex, Enfamil and Nurofen. And so far, Hamzah has instigated the launch of a wave of purpose-led initiatives.

During this podcast you’ll hear Hamzah explain how businesses can create the systems for intrapreneur success, unlocking the potential of societal and commercial propositions.

Hamzah highlights four key areas that intrapreneurship at a system level can do: turn people into burning advocates of your business purpose; em-powers people to own their decision making; initiates pipelines of innovation from all corners of a business; and develops people’s talent, maximising their potential. For more information check out the Intrapreneur Systems research which Hamzah references during the podcast. The research forms part of the Inclusive Business Boost knowledge sharing activities series funded by the UK Department for International Development

From advice on developing intrapreneurship systemically across a business to insight into individual intrapreneur success. Listen to the podcast to learn from Hamzah’s experience and why: speaking the language, mentorship, prioritisation and pacing yourself can help your success. As well as his professional insight into future trends which we should all be thinking about.

This Spotlight interview is a must for all embedding societal impact into business innovations: practical, actionable, insightful.

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