Maggie De Pree

Podcast Interview

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Maggie is the co-founder of The League of Intrapreneurs, co-author of The Social Intrapreneur: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers. Intrapreneurs, she says: “are people working for a better world from inside business and other organisations.”

Maggie has spent over a decade harnessing the innovation potential of business to address issues ranging from climate change to healthcare, working with companies such as GSK, BMW and Nike.

During our conversation, Maggie shares some of the stories of the people behind the innovations emerging from big business.

Hear about:

Miriam Sidibe, who went from a PhD exploring handwashing into the depths of the soap business, working for producer and distruster Unilever;

Miriam Turner, who inspired carpet manufacturer Interface, to utilise the ghost nets that pollute oceans – engaging coastal communities along the way to become part of the solution and value chain and;

Jake Hirsch-Allen who is leveraging LinkedIn’s Learning Solutions to close skills gaps through their workforce development and higher education systems.

This podcast interview is a shout out to all those heroes within businesses and other organisations, courageously turning their ideas into reality and creating societal positive impact by doing so. It is also a thank you to all those leaders creating space and agency for their employees and teams to innovate and be creative.

And for those just starting out, with the nugget of an idea, Maggie’s sage advice: “Just start [and] don’t keep it to yourself.”

For those managers of people, supporters and leaders listening, Maggie explains: Intrapreneurs need mentors, fairy godmothers and champions – ask yourself, are you creating space for people to be successful?”


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