How Sustainable Agriculture Contributes to Achieving Zero Hunger

Sunflower farmer in Tanzania. Sustainable Agriculture and Zero Hunger

The second of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – SDG2: Zero Hunger – aims to create a world free of hunger by 2030. However, according to the UN, a combination of factors including the pandemic, conflict, climate change, and deepening inequalities, mean that hunger and food insecurity have been rising since 2015, and the world is […]

Integrating Gender Equality into Sustainability Standards: A Strategic Approach

Gender Equality into Sustainability Standards

Tackling gender inequalities in supply chains through sustainability systems The world won’t meet its sustainability goals without addressing gender issues – and sustainability standards and similar systems have an important role to play by setting gender responsive standards. The world won’t meet its sustainability goals without addressing gender issues – and sustainability standards and similar […]

Social Entrepreneurs Advancing the SDGs Through Systems Change Strategies

Baobab Tree Alley at Sunset

How Social Entrepreneurs Advance Sustainable Development Goals in Africa Through Systems Change Strategies Despite significant progress in the alleviation of poverty and in promoting health and education, recent reports indicate that the international community seems far from achieving the SDGs by 2030. In the 2022 SDG report, the United Nations Secretary General has called for […]

Changing Attitudes and Empowering Young Girls in Senegal

Two young women from Senegal transporting water

 “I can see now that I have prospects. I want to become someone and help lift my family out of poverty. Only then I will think about marriage.”  Mariama, Senegal. This is the personal impact that the Invest in Maternal and Child Health – ISMEA pilot project had on Mariama, a 13-year-old girl living in Goudiry, Senegal. […]

Gender Equality Depends on Business Becoming Co-Responsible for Care Work

Women and the Care Economy

A new Business Fights Poverty report illustrates that opportunities exist across the value chain for business to play a key role in supporting social innovation in this area and become co-responsible care actors. What is care? The global economic system is underpinned by many thousands of hours of “invisible” care work that is often unpaid, underpaid […]

Acting Together for More Nutritious Food

Wheat Seeds. Food fortification

How do we scale up the fortification of staples with vital nutrients and avoid micronutrient deficiencies during these challenging times where many people don’t have access to a balanced diet? Over the past decades, a solid regulatory framework has been created in many countries for the fortification of staples like salt, flour, sugar, oil or […]