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How can innovations in workforce development programmes address racial equity and inclusion issues? – highlight video

These are edited highlights from the event.


Global Goals 2022 – Day 2

Hosted with Barclays
This session explored how we can build an equitable and human-centred economy that supports and fosters a new generation of workers. We dove deep into how innovations in workforce development programmes can address racial equity and inclusion issues.

We heard from inspiring entrepreneurs from across the portfolio of Acumen America, which is partnering with Barclays on the theme of “Future for Workers”; rather than focusing on the future of work, the ambition is to reimagine a future for workers. The discussion surfaced new ideas and connections. We gained insights and ideas for actions we can deploy to drive a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Lead Discussants:

Charlotte Dales, CEO, Inclusively

Frances Cabrera, Vice President, Citizenship, Barclays

Hamoon Ekhtiari, CEO, FutureFit AI

Pareen Kohlhaas, COO, COOP Careers

Abe Mendez, Senior Vice President, Per Scholas

Daniel Adeyanju, Director of Programs, The Knowledge House