Ayan Said, Voicing Voices

Podcast Interview

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“Society created this hierarchy and unproductive definition of what a leader is.”

Meet Ayan Said – this one-woman whirlwind. Part women’s rights activist, education advocate, poet and business development consultant. Ayan is on a mission to change the narrative of how we all talk to each other – by better understanding one another.

Ayan’s personal journey spans sectors, geography and socio-economic divides. During this podcast conversation Ayan takes us on a journey, her journey. From school days, volunteering as a translator for mothers in her East End London community, through to teaching in the Middle East and now working with senior leaders to better communicate.

Ayan provides practical tools and tips to help us all, and particularly business decision makers to create the spaces for better communication. She explores why ethical leadership is increasingly vital; the impacts that a workforce made up of 75% young people under 30 will have (note: this will be the case by 2025); and the need to design spaces where we can all thrive.

If you ever felt you didn’t properly understand or weren’t being heard. This podcast is for you. Ayan’s honed expertise in deepening understanding and focus on changing narratives about our differences – will help us all bridge the intersections within us and between us. Unlocking new strengths and new opportunities.


Voicing Voices: https://www.voicingvoices.com

Bridging the Gap programme: http://bridging-the-gap.org

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