Renewable Energy for Poverty Eradication

Wipro explains its community and collaboration approach to a just transition, creating strong partnerships and on-the-ground action, with a focus on renewable energy and water sources in India.
The world’s poor are continuously affected by the low availability of sustainable and reliable energy, with increasing difficulty in remote areas. Modern energy services are crucial to human well-being as well as to countries’ economic development. Mark Kojo Medegli, Sustainability Leader of United People Global, explains what the way forward looks like.
Do you leverage digital technology to deliver urban services with social, economic and environmental Impact? if you do so in the fields of plastic and waste management, energy, water or sanitation, the newly launched GSMA fund could support you. Red on to learn more.
Unlocking an economic boost by investing in renewable energy can be a pillar of the COVID-19 recovery, but will require significant work to align actors across the sector. Read more in this article, the second in a series on Renewable energy investments, from the Clinton Global Initiative and Resilience Capital Ventures.
The growing renewable energy sector offers a significant opportunity for advancing green recovery and economic diversification in the Caribbean. The disruption occasioned by the pandemic could be a kickstart to speed up these shifts. Read more in this article, the first in a series on Renewable energy investments, from the Clinton Global Initiative and Resilience Capital Ventures.
In the wake of the outbreak of the novel corona virus and realizing the need to disseminate information about the spread and prevention of COVID19 and other health-related issues, the Community Tablet initiative, with support received from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is conducting digital campaigns in communities that are otherwise excluded from digital information.
Roughly 600 million people in Africa lack access to electricity. Off-grid energy solutions, such as solar home systems and mini-grids, are the most efficient way to provide energy to over half of these people. Although the impact of providing energy access on people’s lives – including through off-grid solutions – may seem obvious, it’s important to better understand and quantify exactly what this means. Because it’s through this detailed understanding of impact that we can become better investors.

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Investigate how renewable energy solutions contribute to ending poverty by providing sustainable and affordable energy access to underprivileged communities.

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