The Road Ahead for Climate Justice (Full Video Above)

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Sally Uren, Forum for the Future:
“”To unlock private sector action, we look at the intersection of climate and health, and by putting health alongside climate it elevates people into the conversation.” “
Sally Uren, Forum for the Future:
“”We must remember that health equity is climate justice. So, a focus on access to health care also improves our climate adaptation and resilience.” “
Angela Pinhati, Natura & Co Latam:
“”Our key priorities are to work with small producers and communities in the Amazon rainforest…to increase the living wage of the families residing in this region.””
Angela Pinhati, Natura & Co Latam:
“”We need to regenerate, restore, and heal everything that we have broken. We need to fight for a social, nature-based solution.””
Ruka Sanusi, Ghana Climate Innovation Centre:
“”The future priorities of global meetings are to have diversity, equity, and inclusion for those who will ordinarily be marginalised.””
Ruka Sanusi, Ghana Climate Innovation Centre:
“”To fight poverty, we must include a more intense, bottom-up approach.””
Ana Laura Sayago, Cooperativa Coopsol:
“”We must stop thinking solely about the economy and shift our focus to nature and ourselves. Placing people, including minorities, at the centre of the discussion is crucial.””
Kazi Jawoad Hossain, iDE:
“”Knowledge production doesn’t happen on a global level, but rather by the local communities through their locally led adaptation approaches.” “
Autumn Fox, Mars Inc :
“”When working on the climate, I believe it comes down to the nexus of people, climate, nature, and land – how these elements converge to protect livelihoods.””