Futuremakers Youth Panel: Investing in Women in STEM to Tackle Green and Social Issues (Full Video Above)

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Allie Burns, Village Capital:
“”I would love for us to discuss today how we can bring investors in and change investor behaviour to overcome some of these biases, ultimately providing more access to capital for women.” “
Khadija Hashimi, Standard Chartered:
“”Women play a huge part in the climate process. By embracing, including, and employing women, we are actually addressing the issues with power dynamics.” “
Khadija Hashimi, Standard Chartered:
“”The special focus is on technology because we think that’s the big missing link that will break barriers and drive much more inclusivity across our own countries and also across the world.””
Naom Monari, Bena Care Ltd:
“”How can we find changemakers in healthcare who are focused on preventive and primary medicine? And how can we increase funding to these people, so that we reduce climate change…?””
Naom Monari, Bena Care Ltd:
“”If we focus on preventing diseases, by finding healthcare businesses that predominantly work on preventive medicine, we can reduce our contribution to climate change.””
Menna Shahin, Tekeya:
“”It is important to tap into networks of networks, and I think we forget sometimes that there is a community of people who want to help you succeed.” “
Edith Chumba, Standard Chartered Kenya & Eastern Africa:
“”My message is to encourage all of us – it has taken us years to make this world, and it will take us years to fix our mess. But let’s start. Let’s start from somewhere. We all know what needs to happen.””