Investing in Women Climate Tech Leaders (Full Video Above)

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Lara Hussein, The Waste Lab:
“”When it comes to nature-based solutions, impact investment is still young, so it requires sweat, tears, and blood to really make investors understand the value of what we’re offering.” “
Lara Hussein, The Waste Lab:
“”We started with our own car picking up food waste from households. And now, we’re covering the food waste and COP28.” “
Shada Elborno, Standard Chartered:
“”We need to educate people to tackle potential bias, to channel the opportunities where they need to go, and to bridge any gaps there may be.” “
Leena Al Olaimy, Symbaiosys:
“”The root problem is that nature is undervalued, not that its underfunded.” “
Leena Al Olaimy, Symbaiosys:
“”It’s really interesting because when you contemplate growing a business, the business, in fact, helps you grow.” “