Taking a System-Level Approach to Drive Positive Climate Action and Social Impact (Full Video Above)

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Jane Nelson, Harvard Kennedy School:
“”The challenge we face is how to mobilize those ambitious public policies, market incentives, as well as financing mechanisms, technologies, and business models in a collective action at greater speed and greater scale than we’ve ever had before.” “
Justin Perrettson, UNFCCC CTCN & Novozymes:
“”Business is part of an ecosystem. And that ecosystem needs to interact with climate change, because it’s here, whether that means you need to consider adaptation, mitigation or resilience. It impacts you locally and it impacts you globally.” “
Erwin Rose, UNFCCC CTCN, U.S. Department of State:
“”If we can find public private partnerships that don’t follow where it’s most profitable, but align investing in #AI with climate objectives, we can be incredibly impactful.” “