Building the Business Case for Women Smallholders in Regenerative Agriculture (Full Video Above)

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Reagan Buluma, Hand in Hand Eastern Africa:
“”Today small businesses have shifted to regenerative agriculture, and the cost of production has significantly decreased and profits have increased.” “
Reagan Buluma, Hand in Hand Eastern Africa:
“”We need to show farmers that regenerative agriculture can enhance productivity as it encourages diversification, promotes resilience, and reduces the cost of production.” “
@Dorothea Arndt, Hand in Hand International:
““60% of the people who work the land are women. There are big differences between men and women in farming. Therefore, a regenerative farming programme needs to address women differently than the way male farmers are addressed.””
Dorothy Shaver, Unilever:
“”If women had access to the same education and financial market knowledge as men, then food production yield would potentially be 20 to 30% higher. That’s pretty significant.” “