Scaling Green Tech Solutions for Smallholder Farmers, with Audrey and Khadija

Podcast Interview

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Are you ready to learn from a young female entrepreneur from Ghana and an Africa and Middle East female finance leader from Pakistan who are passionate about the way we approach green tech solutions and improve incomes for smallholder farmers? Then buckle up and tune into this podcast featuring Social Impact Pioneers Audrey S-Darko and Khadija Hashimi.

Audrey S-Darko, the visionary behind the climate tech start-up Sabon Sake, is a fierce advocate for regenerative agriculture. Her innovative agri-tech business focuses on restoring soil health and biodiversity through sustainable waste recovery and utilising eco-friendly biochar to increase carbon sequestration. Audrey’s vision is to empower smallholder farmers across Africa to adopt regenerative farming practices and access new markets, creating more resilient and economically productive agricultural communities.

Joining Audrey on this podcast is Khadija Hashimi, the Head of Corporate Affairs Brand & Marketing for Africa and the Middle East, as well as the Country Head of Pakistan for Standard Chartered Bank. Khadija is a thought leader, coach and multi-disciplinary expert who is passionate about championing female leaders and women entrepreneurs. Through her work with Standard Chartered’s global initiative Futuremakers, she advocates for lifting the economic participation of women and girls.

During the podcast, Audrey and Khadija share insights into their partnership and discuss the importance of investing in women and girls. They offer advice on what it takes to succeed as a female leader while exploring how banks can better support women entrepreneurs to succeed. As Khadija notes, investing in girls and young women brings greater prosperity and diversity to everyone in society.

Don’t miss out on this exciting conversation about scaling green tech solutions and improving incomes for smallholder farmers in Africa. Tune in to hear Audrey and Khadija share their experiences and learn how green tech and empowering women can change the world for the better.

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