Food Technology Can Feed the World, So Says Social Impact Pioneer Donna Rosa

Podcast Interview

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Donna’s high-flying career in food technology and nutritional science would have been enough for most of us. Instead, Donna then switched to helping entrepreneurs in emerging markets be more successful and scale their business. This year Donna has been recognised for her work across these two spaces – winning the Humanitarian Award for Service to the Science of Food in honour of Elizabeth Fleming Stie.

These seem two very divergent careers but as Donna explains during this conversation they are truly linked. As Donna explains:

“I am passionate about the importance of food science in food security… I realised that I had accumulated a lot of business experience over the years, and I can either die with it in my head, or I can share it with those who most need it.”

Having spent decades working in multinational food businesses, Donna is the Chief Entrepreneurship Officer for EFour Enterprises– utilising finance, information systems, and business advisory for specialized enterprise support – particularly for food businesses in emerging markets.

Donna’s multi-career journey has at the heart of it – solving the biggest problems, leaning into them, and bringing her skills and expertise as a scientist, technologist, business leader and coach. Listen in to learn how to increase food safety and decrease food loss and waste. How simple processing such as drying and canning could extend shelf life and reduce the food poverty and lean times for many around the world.

Donna shares: “No one was utilising food science or food processing to alleviate food insecurity.”

Donna’s approach is special – instead of simply pointing out the simplicity of the problem and solutions, she rolls up her sleeves and works directly with food entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Her mission is to share her business experience and knowledge with those who most need it. Listen in to hear Donna generously leaning in to share her top tips on getting businesses to stability and scalability.

If nothing else this conversation is an inspiring journey revealing that a combination of science, technology, and business expertise can create positive social impact in the world.


EFour Enterprises

Humanitarian Award for Service to the Science of Food in honor of Elizabeth Fleming Stier

Food science for relief and development

IFT Food Science for Relief and Development

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