Female Entrepreneurs and the Vegan Women Summit, with Jennifer Stojkovic

Podcast Interview

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Unlocking the power of female entrepreneurs from the inside – social impact pioneer Jenny Stojkovic, joins us to share her journey. As Silicon Valley tech industry professional Jenny experienced first-hand that even in the most progressive markets women are being left behind. So she pivoted her career. Bringing together her love of food, her care for other women leaders and her focus on a sustainable future – Jenny started the Vegan Women’s Summit to accelerate change in the food industry by bringing together powerful and innovative women. During this podcast, Jenny share’s succinctly what she has learnt.

Listen into the conversation to hear why funders are missing out by overlooking amazing women entrepreneurs; learn about the food trends of our future; and gain practical insights how to better navigate leadership – from upping networking skills to overcoming imposter syndrome. Jenny explains: “There’s no single day where somebody wakes up and gives you a stamp of approval and says, ‘okay, you’re an expert, okay, you’re a leader.’ You just kind of start doing it. It’s a habit…you start homing in on your beliefs and your styles and what you want to see builds and eventually at some point, you’re just a leader.”

In addition, Jenny invites you to become part of the Vegan Women’s Summit – joining over 60,000 professionals across six continents, with an annual conference and reports on women founders. Jenny is on a mission to make the food industry more inclusive. And she believes in the power of women. As she explains, “Women drive most of the food purchases – 93% of consumer food purchases are made by women. So, it just would follow suit that if we want to be able to sell to those that buy these foods, we should be tapping into leaders from those communities.” Listen in to find out more and to get involved.

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Book: The Future of Food Is Female: Reinventing the Food System to Save the Planet

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