Natalia Cano

Podcast Interview

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There is a huge gender gap in technology – 17% fewer women compared to men have access to the internet globally* and only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women.**

Natalia Cano and her team at Google are on a mission to change this. During this podcast hear from Natalia as she shares her story and expand on why it is so important to close the gender gap in technology.

“Women are missing out on the fastest growing jobs of the future [and] women don’t have access to information.” Explains Natalia.

Through programmes like #IamRemarkable*** and ‘Women Will’**** – Natalia and others have already helped over 50M people grow their digital skills, careers and businesses. Yet Natalia is keen for more to be done: “We need to all work together, to inspire and motivate young women into technology.”

Our podcasts always delve into key social challenges and what business can do to help. This one is no different. During this podcast you will hear more about the complex challenge of helping more women have access to technology and practical ways of helping more women into the tech sector.

In addition, our podcasts also care about the people working on these important social issues, getting to know more about their motivations and what advice they would share with others. During this conversation, Natalia Cano, who is Head of Brand and Reputation at Google across the Asia Pacific region encourages you to: “Fight for your cause, persevere and don’t give up.” Before explaining that: “It takes a village to create change, but if you champion change, others will follow.”

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