Jane Pillinger and Alice Allan

Podcast Interview

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This is a tough podcast to listen to, but vital. As Alice explains: “Sadly COVID-19 is exacerbating gender inequality.” Prior to the pandemic evidence shows that one in three women experience gender-based violence. During the lockdown the estimates are that globally there is a 20% increase in that number.
Jane and Alice not only address this difficult subject head on during our podcast conversation, but they share their practical insight from years working on the issue. They explain why in 2019 the ILO convention 190 raised the important question of duty of care of businesses on their employees. Recognising that not only workplace harassment but also that businesses are affected by and have a duty of care when violence takes place in the home.

With so many people working remotely, from home due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, this convention has become so much more important and many businesses are stepping up to address domestic violence and support their employees.

“And what we are seeing is that businesses aren’t just thinking about how to support survivors. But more and more businesses are working on ways to address the perpetrators.” Explains Jane. “We want to stop the perpetration of abuse. We have to look at this in relation to men and boys and prevention in the long term.”

And what are their recommendations:
“We would want to see all businesses implementing policies and procedures, for prevention and resolution. To build spaces for women to talk and to build trust.” To hear more detail of Jane and Alice’s advice, please do take a listen.



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