Fred Brown

Podcast Interview

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During this conversation, I talk with Fred Brown. There aren’t many people who I might call a visionary – but it’s the word that comes to mind as I talked with Fred. Fred inspires, shares leading edge ways for organisations to be more effective and shows us how to lead.

Fred is the President and CEO of The Forbes Funds. A capacity builder and catalyst for non-profits in the Pittsburgh area, USA. The work Fred is leading goes far beyond simply helping NGO’s up their performance. Fred has been creating innovation labs, frameworks to ensure anti-racism within organisations and impact measurement tools, among other things.

During our conversation, you will hear what Fred expects to be the big themes for not just the next five years, but the next 30! Get your pens and paper out, it is worth taking notes.

Fred shares candidly his experiences and actions surrounding creating equality and equity. How he, as a black male leader, leads, in a city notable for some of its less equitable actions.

The list of links below just shows the breadth of Fred’s work and interests. Happy listening.

And I would love your feedback on this conversation and hear who else you would like to hear from. Please do drop me a line here


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